Monday, April 26, 2010

Stupid MRF Blimp

The IPL 3 is finally over, it feels so good that now we no more need to hear phony phrases like " Carbon Kamaal Catch, DLF Maximum or Citi Moment of success " .

I really pity the well paid commentators, who  were forced to speak these phrases and after months of repetition they might find it difficult to get rid of the new vocabulary. Advertizers should realize that broadcasting the same thing over and over again might create the top of the mind recall but can also irritate the customers.

  The stupid Air Balloon sponsored by MRF called MRF Blimp was especially portraid as something which is extraordinary.  It was not surprising when people were tweeting messages like " I'm just so happy that there's NO MORE BLIMP!!!! NO MORE BLIMP!!!!NO MORE BLIMP!!!!NO MORE BLIMP!!!!" 


bhanu pratap singh said...

Well Ankit IPL since its inception has been all about frugality and its rich investors throwing millions of dollar for having a presence amongst the consumers.

I can gurantee you that in Tamilnadu very few people would have heard of name DLF. Now after the DLF IPL trophy clinch by Chennai Super King, everyone is aware of the company DLF.

Now also they may not be aware of What DLF actually does but when in future (Actually it has already started building premium apartments)it starts its operation they would know this name.

That is what Company target for and get the vaunted results. Ultimately playing with the psychology of cricket lover Indians.

Ankit said...

Sponsoring a event makes sense but to make commentators repeatedly chant your name for publicity might not always work .

bhanu pratap singh said...

The Catch word here is "Might"...and from marketing to finance we model everything around this word.

You are an MBA u would have studied a lot of stochastic processes, calculation of Rm in CAPM everything is probabilistic man.

Ankit said...

wow , BPS talking finance :) , Rm calculation are based on Index and is not a probabilistic model.

Ankit said...

But I agree with you , Every thing is based on the word " Might" :-)

dreamy Gautham said...

Yup ... thank god no more stupid blimp - the engineering miracle ;)

bhanu pratap singh said...
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