Friday, April 16, 2010

Tooth Ache in Flight

Even a thought of going to dentist scares me but last year finally I had to go to the Dentist when the pain became unbearable . The doctor performed the root canal therapy ( RCT) one of the standard therapy for the tooth decay.

A year passed and a strange thing happened , I started feeling pain in the same tooth whenever I am in flight. This made me uneasy in flights as I just cant sleep or eat during the boring flight hours, after the flight lands every thing again becomes normal. Initially I thought its just a coincidence but the incident got repeated every time I traveled in last 2-3 months .

Finally I decided to search it on Internet which confirmed that its the sign of some infection in the tooth, as the pressure varies at higher altitudes and one can suffer tooth ache in Flights. A early sigh to go to a dentist ?

I am not still convinced about the theories on Internet :-)


Anonymous said...

I share your fear of dentists..
and I had braces when I was a kid *shudder*..
good luck!

Ankit said...