Saturday, April 17, 2010

Youngistan and Ungli Cricket!

The new series of advertisement by Pepsi and Idea really make me think what are these creative advertisement gurus doing ?

We all know that Pepsi is targeting the young generation and half of India's population lies in that segment but what are you guys really want to show ? Is it a attempt of involving customer going terribly wrong ? What exactly is Sanjay Dutt doing in that huge suit which makes him look tiny ? I dont know ?

Idea has also disappointed its fan by the new Ungli Cricket advertisement , Indians are mad for Cricket but it doesn't mean that they can digest all kinds of shit thrown at them in the name of cricket. The whole set up looks clumsy and the idea of Ungli cricket looks really Ugly.

For Idea this advertisement is a total disaster as it was replacing the Hit " Idea can change your World " theme . Now for changing themes of the Hit campaign , you should really have some substance in your campaign ..

Both the advertisements are classic case of the waste of celebrity and also conveys that Celebrity endorsement never means that the campaign will be a hit. Some more thought should be put into the campaigns by big corporate houses as they have huge budgets for telecasting the advertisement and every time such ads are telecasted , people only loath them and left with no option but to switch the channel.

One more thought visit my mind frequently.. Why cant these celebrities tell the ad man directly " Boss Is mai Dum nahi Hai ! "


Sid said...

Boss, in this age of wild competition, these ad walas never think of the impact it will have on the public or whether it will be a success in the first place.

If u remember (and I also talked about it in my Orkut community), there was an ad of a candy from Parle called Xhale. That was one of the most insensitive ads I have ever come across. Whole of the world is talking about the animals and their natural environment and these buggers are showing the polar animals crying remembering their habitat because they were in a zoo.

They just wanna throw shit (as u said) and expect people to accept it hands down.

Ankit said...

Sahi Bola Bhai !