Wednesday, July 14, 2010

About Light and the Darkness

We all must have read or seen it n number of times, the great divide between the rich and poor in our country. Its so apparent and we start ignoring it as we get use to it. But I really start feeling it after reading 'White Tiger' by Arvind Adiga. 

The book talks about the story of India which is mostly left untouched during the growth of the country in last 2 decades, economist calls it India Vs Bharat where Bharat is almost the same as 20 years back. The author Mr. Adiga calls the people living in the fertile region of Ganges as Darkness ( so ironical )and coastal area as Light as most of the people in areas of Ganges are still deprived of the most basic necessities of life and those living near coast are much better off. The story is of the desires of the people in darkness who sees the world developing but when they look at there abysmal poverty, it leaves them strained and suffocated. The people in darkness are mostly working for people in light for making there life comfortable. They also want to own the comforts of life and lead a respectful life. But do they have even a remote chance of it of they lead a honest life ?

Now when I go around places, it seems like there is darkness everywhere, I can empathize with the kind of lives they are living, not sure of even next meal when we are thinking about how to finance a flat in our locality. 

The real problem is that most of India is still in darkness and not much is being done to address it yet. The day is not far when this rift might cause a civil war as rich will keep on exploiting the poor by underpaying for services or disrespecting them.
 I believe that we the people in light  should start working in our ways to bring light to the people around us in darkness, may be if not them, there next generation so that these people get humane treatment and there is more equity in this world. Remember only a candle can light another candle and Adiga's analogy fits so beautifully even here.


Gaurav said...

I see both of below issues as major hurdles for the dark.
One issue here is loads of middlemen resulting in uneven profit distribution. If the farmer can get a better price for his crop, which he should.. he can kick away the darkness.
Second could be to move towards less dependency upon monsoons by water storage and distribution.
Easier said then done may be..

Ankit said...

I think the solution lies in creative usage of Information Technology ! :)