Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Customer Delight

All companies try to provide comfort to customers in all possible ways to attract them, but there are very few companies who can actually delight customer. I had an recent experience with a company which I least expected to do it. ICICI Bank !

I wanted to open saving bank account in ICICI bank for the comfort of internet banking. I just called them once and they followed it up very keenly and made an appointment with me as per my convenience. The formalities were completed in  minutes. This was all routine for all private sector banks who are tying to grab as many CASA ( current accounts / savings accounts ) as possible. The real satisfaction came when I told the bank representative that I don't have a passport size photograph with me and gave him a stamp size photo. The bank representative Hussain was happy to help me and when he visited me next time to hand over the debit card and cheque book, he also handed me 3 developed passport size copies of my photograph. Wow , this is going beyond my expectations. I just thanked him and thought that the bank has came a long way in keeping their customers happy.

So finally I am a happy ICICI Bank customer, hoping that the services remain as good as the initial experience.


Nilesh said...

This is just the beginning. Do tell us the experience you have when you carry out different transactions. Also when you find that lots of charges are being deducted from your account without you knowing what they are for, tell us how much time it takes to revert back the transaction.
Service industry woes us with this kind opf service in the beginning when we are just starting the relationship. But once we are with them, it goes downhill from there. This is not to disappoint you

Ankit said...

Yeah, this is the image I had of ICICI, lets see how it goes from here :)

ICICI Bank Care said...

Dear Ankit,

Thanks for your positive feedback. Now this is what we like to see...a happy client!We love to hear from our customers.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.

Ankit said...

Nilesh you were quite correct , the Real ICICI Bank has started the work by deducting amount . I am now thinking of writing a dedicated blog on just uncovering the mysterious banking of ICICI. I want to let the people know who they really are !