Saturday, November 13, 2010

Indian Judiciary : Can't Get Worst !

Indian Judiciary might be seen as a important part of the Indian democratic system, but its very difficult to cope with it. Yes, as a citizen of the country I have my rights protected but the slowness of the judiciary makes life difficult .

Anyone can do anything here as one knows that the Judiciary is slow and nothing will happen. It is really painful to see likes of molester cop Rathore to again get a bail after years of struggle by the affected family. His smile is a tight slap on the face of the system which is giving no justice to people who are suffering.

In my lifetime I have not seen any powerful person to get the real taste of prison, be it the actors crushing laborers on road, be it the politicians involved in serious crimes, be it powerful people exploiting every little person for their individual gains or be it influential people inciting violence and hatred in the minds of people of the country. Anyone can do any thing here as long has one has muscle power, money power or influence on the system. Sanjay Dutt can be a lone exception to this case.

Even in so called consumer court it takes years to get a judgment.  In case you miss any of the hearing the case is rejected. In case the accused party misses the hearing the court is adjourned. Even if you get the decision in your favor after years of effort, the other party can move to the civil court which will again takes years for judgment.Thinking of all this a common man just drops the case and just feels cheated.

We are doing all kinds of reforms in India, how about reforming the judiciary. No Jessica Lal killers or Ruchika's molester should go out of the hands of our legal system. No person should be able to bypass the judiciary of the country.


Mayank said...

Overhauling Needed in all major Spheres!Mr Raja Robbed 176000CR, Flats,land,Games,Even Coffins.

Mr Kasab,Jessica Lal,Nitish Katara, Manjunath,Mr Rathod,are the prominent casses which atleast we hear about but what abt those hundred thousands or more of the casses which went unnoticed,Need Reforms and reforms which put evrything upside down!

Hope Mr Moilly is listening!

Jai Hind

Ankit said...

Thanks Mayank for visiting Freedom . Couldn't agree more with your views.

Anonymous said...

As they say "koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota....etc" ...
but interesting that you mention the actors cases..I was reading about salman khan getting crores for each episode of some show and wondered this was the guy who actually KILLED people - not one but many....(and even if you consider a normal pavement sleeping human life not of much value, he was also involved in killing endangered animals and birds).
But this is conveniently forgotten... And also saw him in 'janta ki adaalat' (heights of irony!!!) saying he is deeply sorry for that night when he killed people.. Shouldn't he be saying this from behind the bars rather than in a show on NEWS channel where after 5 min of saying this he will dance with the host!
Don't know but it simply shows power works. And not only power but PR also works. (considering how easily everything was quickly put under carpet and never surfaced)

Ankit said...

Really liked the opening line " koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota... " , Which movie ? :)

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