Sunday, December 12, 2010

Centre Point of India

Nagpur isn't really a exciting place, sun beating down on you even in the month of November. The only thing I was excited about was to see the Centre Point of India, yes the point from where the East, West, North South parts of India are equidistant. ! Wow centre of this huge country ! Must be awesome ..

So me along with Sid asked our Cabbie to show us the Centre Point , he told us " Do you mean Centre Point Hotel Sir " . No we told him . Finally he left us somewhere in between and we kept searching for the place, no body there seems to know about the Centre point.

Finally some learned man told us that the place is called the "Zero Mile". Hmm, the name is in interesting. Finally we reached the place, and was aghast after seeing the condition of the place. Thay have simply killed it !

The place was uncleaned, surrounded by political and business hoardings. The centre point of India and no maintenance what so ever. Tried to click a few photographs, Planning to write to the authorities. Where are our taxes going ?

When will we start marketing our country ?


Abhishek said...

Were you really surprised to see the must be expected...Respect for national monuments is the last thing known to Indians( bureaucrats, politicians alike)...Pathetic indeed !

ruchi said...

good to are a true Indian...atleast you thought about it and taking some steps also..ATB

Ankit said...

Yeah its really Pathetic .. Lets c Ruchika if it can bring some changes ..

I think its not only bureaucrats or politicians its us who are responsible for it .. We can raise our voices, stop people from spoiling these monuments by their sick graffiti work..

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Katyaayan said...

Another example of our people caring more about 'foreign heritage' than our own. Please write to the officials and let us all sign it brother.