Sunday, January 23, 2011

10 reasons why people love regular Bollywood movies ..

Its hard to imagine people loving bollywood movies.. a big statement right .. I am talking about the regular bollywood movie where you can predict the movie right from the beginning, there are cheezy and crapy songs after every 15 minutes, characters which might look 50 year old but can still be shown as teenagers, larger than life lead characters and same old  f***** story. Wow, this is the real bollywood movie .. Hard to imagine why people just fall for it over and over again.. 

I still remember that once upon a time I went to watch this movie " KISNA" and had taken a vow that will think twice before getting into a theater. Yes some of the movies are real awesome but  Goodness me watching KISNA was a real pain sitting in that theater, you can't even sleep, it was so irritating !

So I was trying to think why people might like bollywod movies ..and at times watch the same movie over and over again ..  The reasons can be plenty but the one I can think of are: -

1.  Hero Worship : hmm , rather a costly way .. cant resist the mass appeal hmm ..

2. Songs : Wanna hear to good songs  , Get yourself a I-Pod ..

3. Heroines : Hmm actresses ,  cant find a solution , go buddy watch it again as if she is gonna jump out of the screen..

4. Time Pass : Have you tried the new PS 3 with motion sensors..

5. Accompanying your GF/BF/WIFE/Relatives : Hmm , I can very well understand what you are going through ..

6. Insomniac :  If typical bollywood movie is better than a sleeping pill , wow .. its a new market for theaters.

7. Language Troubles : Can't understand the accent, try the subtitles. You gonna love it !

8. Place for Romance: There are very few corner seats , try the box seats, they are kinds cool !

9. Bird Watching : Never knew you can watch birds in dark !

10. Bollywood movies are real awesome : No comments .


SiD said...

Songs: I can hear Sheila's Jawani on Ipod but not see it.

In PS3, I cant just sit, munch pop corn and get entertained. In bollywood. yes!

Not hero worship but for getting out of our own lives and getting into the life of hero.. and perhaps live it.. Why not? He does what you dream of doing but can not.

Bird watching is not inside. You go for a movie.. leisurely climb the escalators to the top of the mall...perhaps have a bite at kFC/McD..and then go for the movie..plenty of opportunites - all in the name of a movie..

for the last point exceptions are always there..

Ankit said...

:-) Interesting :)

Songs: Buy a Ipod Video Yaar , or You tube is still better :)

PS3: You can watch other people playing and munch yr pop corns :)

Hero Worship: Makes sense if you have a movie like it . This is only for regular bollywood movie :)

Bird Watching: Will go to KFC and than return after that , no body is charging me extra money for it , right ! :)

Yes exceptions are there, I love few of the bollywood movies, they are simply awesome :)

Rishabh Makrand said...

Sorry dost.. But I love Bollywood movies.. unhii ko dekh ke to bada hua hoon..
tell me truly.. pyar kya hota hai..iska def tumhare jiwan me kahan se aaya.. just coz of bollywood you even know ki pyar kya hota hai..dosti kya hoti hai..coz SRK baba ne kaha hai.. pyar dosti hai..
kaise khoon khaulta hai jab basanti(teri dilruba) kisi ke samne nachti hai..
its not ending here.. shaadi ke baad bollywood ka ek ek pal jina padhta hai..
mark my words :)
last but not the least.. Bollywood rules..
you can run but you cant hide..

Ankit said...

:-) Well Said !