Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna shows the Power of Democracy

Mr. Anna Hazare is actually showcasing the power of democracy in this modern world. Old Gadhian tools of Ahimsa and Satyagraha are working wonders again in this world of tears and blood sheds. I am really fascinated to see the kind of support his movement has got from the people of the country.

The youth of country has also sent a very strong message to the government that the days of corruption are limited now and they should better improve the governance otherwise this country come to the streets and fight it out. Ihe important part of this message is that the youth of the country is intelligent and responsive and will adopt the route of peaceful agitation. Few years back it was difficult to foresee this new face of Indian Youth, I believe the Sanjay Dutt movies on Gandhi giri should be admired for making this internet and i-pod generation believe in Gandhian philosophy.

Other exciting thing happening is the rapid adoption of technology in the country. I am very hopeful that the changes brought about by use of Information technology and social movements will work in parallel and will make the administrators of the country more transparent and responsive.

The initiative of UID could prove to be a another milestone which will change the way system works and will drastically reduce the leakages.

Looking at the evolution of the western world, they all suffered from corruption during high growth phase but the systems became much cleaner and government agencies became far more responsive as they got the dose of development.  India is also witnessing the same changes and hopefully in our life times we might see a new India with with far less corruption and red tap-ism. 


Team G Square said...

Anna Zindabad

Anonymous said...

True indeed the Indian youth is becoming more aware of the age-old Gandhian philosphy & at least taking an interest in the running of our country.But no fasting or rallying will be feective unless the anti-corruption vendetta continues in our own day-to-day affairs...
Do read my poinoins on the same-

ruchika said...

Anna Hazare has revolutionized young minds also and the slogan "I am Anna" is making people realize that each of us has to become Anna to fight against corruption.I think we all should go to Jantar mantar once atleast.

Ankit said...

Thanks alot for the comments. I agree with Ruchika , we should all go to Jantar Mantar atleast once to show our solidarity towards the cause Anna is taking up.

Anonymous said...

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