Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Defining Poverty

Poverty runs deep in India, to the extend that we start ignoring it.. the reason is very simple, we get use to it. From our childhood days we see so many destitute, beggars that we think that is the part of our life and ets just ignore it. This blog is not on it, it is about the definition of poverty ? Who do you call a poor ?

The country is full of brilliant souls and Politicians who don't really want India to show its poor face to the world. They try and show that the poverty in the country is coming down as it portrays the good image of  the country. They try and eliminate poverty by these three ways:

1. Development: Improve the image of the country by doing developmental work which have direct or indirect effect on alleviating poverty from the country. Lot of it is being done nowadays, some by the government and more by NGO's, external aids etc.

2. Eliminate the Poor: If you cant eliminate the poverty, can reduce the number by eliminating the poor population. Very difficult and barbaric option. The good thing is that no one can do it. Its just the natural calamities and disease in India which does it. The infant and maternal mortality amongst poor in the country is very high. So no action to reduce poverty in one way is like making the poor die by disease and illness.

3. Redefine Poverty: The easiest way out to show reduction in poverty is by changing the definition of poor. If you simply change the poverty line from 1.25$/day ( World Bank PPP number ) to Indian number of1 $/day, a lot of Indians crosses the BPL line overnight.

Some economist says that people earning less than 2$/ day should be classified as poor, others argue that less than a $ per day are poor. So their is no uniform definition of poverty in India.

The planning commission of India accepts that 37% of the Indian population is living below the poverty line as per the Tendulkar ( not Sachin ) committee report.  Arjun Sengupta report says that 77% of the people in India are living with less tha 0.5 $/day.

Whatever may be the exact proportion of poor in the country but even 37% number is quite a high number.


ruchika said...

Nicely written...n whatever be the problem be it price hike or any other natural calamity..the sole sufferer is the poor.

Anonymous said...

You've written what I wanted to write! :)
Am glad you've brought this into public view. Will be here again. Great blog!

Ankit said...

Thanks alot Ruchika
Welcome to Freedom Ruhi . Nice to read your comments ..

Anonymous said...

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