Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Game Shows Mysteries

One cannot help but notice so many game shows and reality shows nowadays mushrooming on every channel. Some of them are good, some not that good but there is something common about all of them.

Emotional Atyachaar:  Why do people gets so emotional on these shows ? Do they think that it will earn them some extra points ? Do the  producers of reality show think it will improve the popularity of the show? Do the audience want to see diarrhea of emotions and tears when they are watching these shows ?

Troubled  History of Participants: All these shows specially the game shows says that they have a very transparent computer generated selection procedure then how does people mainly with troubled pasts and background end up on the show? Is the computer really picks up cleanly or do the producers want to make it interesting for the audience ?

Are Celebrities so intelligent : When these shows call celebrities to be either judge or participants in the shows, they all tend to do really well. I have not seen any of the celebrity participant to make less money on any of the quizzing show or game show. Is it that our bollywood celebrities are best creation of God and they look good, act well ( sometimes ) and even know the name of the president of the Indian Olympic association in 1969 ?

Everyone Believes in Giving : Every one who comes on these shows believe in giving. Whether its the celebrities or the mango man. Why were they waiting for so long for doing this charity ? Are they really going to give away the money or just trying to impress the audience ? Are the celebrities anyway told to donate every thing to charity what they win? Does it feels good to do charity with easily earned money?

Can't be just a coincidence, these things get repeated again and again on these shows. Can someone help me with the answers please?

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