Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Understanding Marketing Plan: Anna Hazare Campaign

Understanding Marketing Plan: Anna Hazare Campaign

This is just an attempt to explore the Brand Anna and the magic of his Campaign which is making waves in the country. What could have made it work? Without any prejudices just tried to think about it and found out.

Campaign : An corruption free country.

Timing of the Campaign:  Country caught in series of scandals like Common Wealth Game, 2G etc. The people of the country want to change the country, hence an opportunity of easily finding takers of the idea.

Market Research for designing the campaign:

  •        More than 50% of the Indians are below 26 years of age.
  •       Less than 1% of the people are super rich. Big emerging middle class, which wants to be socially conscious, uses internet and mobile phones and largely stays in urban India.
  •      The young India wants to do something but don’t know what to do when it comes to showing their contribution towards the nation building.
  •     Talking against corruption is considered cool in present scenario. The louder you speak; you are looked as more patriotic and socially aware citizen.
  •    Earlier effect of movies such as RDB and how it has affected the educated masses. Use the frustration of people as a tool of creating a mass uproar against the establishment.


  •      Simple demographics based segmentation of marketing based on the size of population in various age groups, education back ground and ease of passing information to them.


Targeting the people who are :
  •          In age bracket 18-30, which comprises majority of the population of the country
  •         People who have read about Mahatma Gandhi in NCERT books, and want to contribute to something for the country.
  •        Educated people, using social media, who likes to express their opinions who can be the flag bearers and the early adopters.
  •        People who have time but also who does not like full time commitment.

 Positioning: Anti-Corrupt India

  • The positioning is neutral in nature, not to entice any religious feeling, any regionalism, try and make it global in nature where all global citizens can participate. Some thing most of the people can easily relate to or face in their life.


  • Anna " Curroption Free"  has been used as a biggest brand in the whole campaign like Richard Branson for Virgin or Mr. Mallya for Kingfisher. The reason is the spotless past which very few people in the country can boast of, a history of leading movements and an innocent and aged persona which brings respect for the brand.  The campaign main tag line is “I am Anna Hazarre” which is clearly used to make people live the brand Anna Hazzare.

Communication Strategy

  • Crowd Sourcing, using the youngster to become the voice of the campaign. The young India which changes status messages 2-3 times a day to become the brand advocator. The people can easily pitch in by not fully committing themselves but can do their bit.
  • Largely using modern technology communication like mobile phones, internet and Social Networking. Creating news and being capturing by 24 hour media channels to directly go to the masses. 

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