Friday, August 12, 2011

What do our Armed Forces do in Peace Time ?

India boasts of a huge military might, they are all very well trained, disciplined and also inclined towards the development of the country. India has fought 4 wars in last 60 years and there had been minor disputes here and there but what has been the qualified forces will strength of 4.5 million been doing in the peace time ?

India as a country have a long road to travel to improve its infrastructure, to develop our cities and villages . Why cant the qualified people from the forces help the country in achieving its goals. There can be some rotation policy which allows say 10% of the trained force people at a time can be deployed in the developmental projects.

Currently when the country is facing huge shortage of well quantified and trained staff, our armed forces can make our country even more proud about them. The decision has to be taken by our think tank and I am sure the armed forces can be much more useful even in the peace time. 

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