Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Handle Terrorism ?

Yet another bomb blast rocking the country, a lot of people died, few lost their limbs and will suffer for life because of it. Life isn't fair after all. I don't understand why do terrorist target the innocent people. Don't they have their own families ? How do they sleep in night after committing such heinous acts ? Is there any end to it?

The problem is only getting difficult with improvement of technology. Terrorists are using modern method to create panic in the society. It is very difficult to locate handful of such crack heads from millions of people. How can we handle or reduce such cowardly attacks?

1. Extra Vigilant Society: We need to be extra vigilant in crowded areas, It might look a stressful activity but  a vigilant society might reduce the number of such blasts. We need to be sure whom we are renting our hotels and flats to. We need to be careful about any unusual activity done by our co-passenger. We need to report all such activities to police at the earliest. I think its need of the hour to be extra vigilant.

2. Strict Punishment for Terrorist Activities : Make life so difficult for terrorist that they think 7 times before planning any activity. They should dread being charged for terrorism. People who support the terrorism by providing material or non material support should be be made equally liable for punishment. I dont really care about human rights activist here, We need to firstly save our human race and humanity.

3. Education: Education and knowledge improves perspective towards things, makes people more understanding and tolerant towards each other. It might not completely stop the terrorism but the more and better educated world will certainly have lessor terrorism.

4. Eradicating Poverty and inequity in society:  Somewhere or the other inequity and poverty in the society gives rise to such activities. The epicenter of such activities are mainly shabby localities where people find difficult to make a living and are lured by crime and terrorism.

5. Peaceful resolution of conflicts: Government should work with the terrorist organizations to reduce the conflicts, should peacefully resolve the problems, create jobs and employment opportunities for such people who can get healed and treated so that the poison of terrorism can be washed away from our system.

6. Reforming the antiquated systems: Some of the antiquated systems and institutions like Madarsas should be reformed and brought under clear guidelines and curriculum. These are the places where innocent peoples were systematically brain washed into believing in Jihad .

7. Better Intelligence Network and Infrastructure : Although terrorism is very difficult to curtail just by our intelligence agencies, but the way our intelligence system works, there is a huge opportunity for improvements. The whole anti-terrorism infrastructure needs to developed again. A part of money we pay as tax should be used for improving our security by investing in modern technology and infrastructure to fight terrorism.



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