Saturday, March 28, 2015

Salman Khan Hit and Run..

In 2002 a accident happens. In 2015 Salman Khan finally gives his statement that he is innocent. It took 13 years for our system to bring him to the court of law and still the proceeding are going on. This is not a civil case but a criminal one..

Some of questions that haunts me..

Isn't delay best way to hamper the law. Keep waiting and nothing will happen, you will loose faith in such a system. Why ?

The legal system is for the rich ? Would it take same amount of time if one of the celebrity gets hurt or killed in a drunk and drive case ? I am not sure. Some of the things in this country are not fair.

Does money works like lubricant in the system. Is it a true democracy where people do not enjoy equal legal rights in some sense. God save this country.

Modi ji speaks about problem faced by business man, one of the major issue is non payment by customers. The laws are there but enforcement is too slow. Section 138 does allow for criminal proceeding against the defaults but system can be made too slow by defaulters. Filling of the case takes a lot of time, after which defaulters will not come to hearing 2-3 times, then they will ask for extension of dates.. finally a long time is passed and during the process the businessman may not even survive as cash flow management becomes difficult and even good business plans falls flat. Judicial reforms are a big need of this country. I am waiting for the ache din ..


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