Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ashok Khemka Transferred to Museum Department by BJP Govt

Ashok Khemka, one of the celebrated IAS officer is again transferred from transport ministry to Archaeology and Museums Department, thanks to the Haryana BJP government. Mr Khemka has been transferred for the 45th time in his 23 years of career. Now this brings a question, how different is BJP government from Congress. Ache Din are back for few who do not wanted him in transport ministry.  

Mr. Khemka was trying to fix the problem of overloading of trucks in Haryana. Haryana like most of India has a great problem of truck overloading. Overloading of trucks leads to following problems:

 1. Accidents / Loss of Life : Overloading reduces the maneuverability and control of trucks  which causes hundreds of accidents where innocent people loses life.

2. Loss of Revenue:  Overloading also leads to loss of hundreds of crores of government revenue in the form of state taxes.

3. Damaging Roads: Overloading of trucks is also a big reason behind damaging roads, the road are designed for bearing certain pressure. Overloading leads to higher wear and tear of road causing monetary losses to the government.

4. Environment Pollution: When trucks carry more load than what it is designed to carry, it leads to environmental pollution. The inefficient burning of fuel in the engine leads to emission of harmful pollutants in the environment.

Now with him gone, what are the chances that the next officer taking strict action against truck overloading.  As per some news reports, " Mr Khemka had ordered district officials to penalize such vehicles which caused problem to some"

So the main question which comes to my mind:

Q Who is getting affected by the problem of Overloading? 

A.  "We the residents".

Q What are we going to do about transfer of Mr Khemka. 

A. Nothing, some may write blog, some may like it on FB , some may share but will do nothing. 

Q What should we do?

A.  We should demand reasons for transfer of Mr. Khemka to a department where people like him will be wasted. We should also demand that he should stay in transport ministry.

Q  Who  is to be blamed for such incidence ?

A. Not the politician but we the people who will not do anything sit idle.

Q. Who is to be blamed if a overloaded vehicle runs over someone ? And it can be anyone of us.

A. Please answer

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